Long before I started writing stories, I wrote poems. When I was in middle school, I’d go through a sheaf of paper every day, dozens of different poems that I scratched out, on a whole variety of subjects. It was a kind of therapy, a kind of catharsis, a kind of healing.

Each year that I was in high school, I self-published a collection of poems. I’ve long since taken these collections offline (I had them available through a POD retailer), so if anyone has ’em, they’re collector’s editions! (Honestly, I don’t even have copies of all these books!).

In the last few years, my writing speed has slowed down, whether that’s because of my depression, or because I’ve been focusing on my novel. But every once in a while, I’ll still write a poem. I’ve been thinking about doing another collection, but so far, nothing yet.

I have some poems shared on my blog, you can read them here: