On Playwriting

While I’ve always been interested in playwriting, I’ve only written a few full-length plays in my time–nothing worth sharing here. I will mention, however, that a student in my very first playwriting class did mention that I depicted a character under the influence of magic mushrooms very well. So take that for what it’s worth. However, I have written a few dramatic shorts.

Feel free to use these, if you wish, with my blessings.

Chemicals Under Pressure – Sangcræft – Medium

SCENE 2 [Lights up. An hour and change later. HANNAH hasn’t moved, but KYLA has taken to pacing while scrolling through her phone. A bell rings.] KYLA: Oh! Do you think the lockdown’s over. HANNAH: No. ( She checks her phone.) That was the fourth period bell.

When We’re Together – Sangcræft – Medium

AT RISE: Two girls in two different worlds, connected only by a computer. CASS, out and loud and proud; RACHEL, a pastor’s daughter in the Deep South. They are intimate and lovely and definitely in love, though maybe subconsciously on Rachel’s part. There is a hard, physical wall between the two of them.

The New Teacher – Sangcræft – Medium

: A pre-school classroom. Children are sleeping on small mats; there is no teacher present. ANNALISE KEATING sweeps in.] ANNALISE: Who told you that you were allowed to sleep? Who told you that it was time to sleep? Get up, get up!

A Tale of Two Teachers – Sangcræft – Medium

An Illustrative Dramatic Dialogue for College-Bound HS Students Originally written for TA 114 at Victor Valley College, Playwriting with Prof. Ed Heaberlin. [ A vaguely academic setting. There are two teachers. KATHY , a saccharine and over-enthusiastic high school English teacher, and BUTCH, an astrophysicist in sweats and a Grateful Dead t-shirt, who looks like he’s more familiar with rolling papers than a superconducting supercollider.]