Selected Essays

Writing & The Writer’s Life

Write The Damn Novel (May 2018)

Five Tips for Never Finishing Your Novel (May 2018)

It’s Just a Love Story (May 2018)

How to Lose a Literary Agent (May 2018)

What the Hell is a Query Letter? (April 2018)

Friendships & Relationships

How to Lose a Bestie (May 2018)


How to Wear a Rainbow (June 2018)

Aces Out: Laying the Cards on the Table (October 2015)

Mental Health, Weight, & Self-Image

There Is No Loving This Body (June 2018)

Come Smoke Yourself a Marshmallow (May 2018)

The Boy and the Fig Tree (May 2018)

The Hard Fall from Gifted and Talented (April 2018)

When You Don’t Fit In to the World Around You (November 2017)

Major Depressive Adulthood (March 2016)

Pop Culture

Home and Heart: The Gap Between YA Fiction and Real Life (August 2017)

Women Who Kick Ass: Sarah Jane Smith (circa 2012)